2.5D vision system


2.5D vision featuring depth perception

Depth perception used for application such as stacking or handling items of various heights

One-picture calibration and part recognition

Simply take a picture of the work surface to calibrate camera view, and a picture for each workpiece the system should detect.

Adjustable wrist or external mount

The Eyes can be mounted on the robot arm or externally. There are multiple reconfigurations available – around the robot flange and tilt orientation.

Intuitive programming

Easy One System setup for any leading robot brand with software that is easy to install and program, so even employees with no technical background can set it up.

OnRobot Eyes – adding vision to robotic applications has never been easier!


Pick & Place

Robot kit

Essential accessories to make onRobot gripper work with other then UR robots.


Compatible robots




Kawasaki robotics



TM Robot

Universal Robots


Technical specification

Camera with respect to workspace table

Characteristics of objects

Reflections and focused light spots

Lighting conditions

Detection Accuracy

Detection Repeatability

Processing time

Reconfigurability when Robot mounted

Mounting options supported

Applications Supported

Minimum part size

Type of vision system

IP Rating

Operating Temperature

Working Distance

Depth Output Resolution

Depth FOV

Depth Technology

RGB Camera Resolution

RGB Camera Field of View (FOV)

Image Sensor Technology


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