3-finger Gripper


Customizable fingertips

The fingertips of the gripper can be customized

Gripping force 10 - 240 N

Strong, impressive, stable grip up to 240 N

Large stroke, up to 150 mm

Impressive maximum stroke of 150mm and a sleek design that can easily handle multiple processes

Easy deployment

The gripper comes with pre-integrated software that is easy to install and program, so even employees with no technical background can set it up.

High payload, up to 15 kg

The gripper can lift up to 15 kg making it compatible with cobots with higher payload

Precise, stable grip

Strong, stable grip with 3 contact points makes gripper fast and easy to redeploy for multiple processes

3FG15 Three-finger gripper | Application demo | OnRobot


Packaging & Palletizing

Machine Tending

Pick & Place

Robot kit

Essential accessories to make onRobot gripper work with other then UR robots.


Compatible robots




Kawasaki robotics



TM Robot

Universal Robots


Technical specification

Calculated MTBF (operating life)

minimun 30.000 Hours

Relative humidity (non-condensing)

maximum 95 %

Operating temperature

minimun 5 maximum 50 °C

Current consumption

minimun 43 maximum 1500 mA

Power supply

minimun 20 maximum 25 typical 24 V


1.15 kg

Dimensions [L, W, Ø]

156 x 158 x 180 mm

IP Classification



Integrated, electric BLDC

Storage temperature

maximum 60 °C

Hold workpiece if power loss?


Gripping time (including brake activation)

typical 500 ms

Gripping speed (diameter change)

maximum 125 m/s

Gripping force (adjustable)

minimun 3 maximum 100 %

Gripping force

minimun 10 maximum 240 N

Diameter repetition accuracy

maximum 0.2 typical 0.1 mm

Finger position resolution

typical 0.1 mm

Grip Diameter Internal

minimun 35 maximum 176 mm

Grip Diameter External

minimun 4 maximum 152 mm

Payload Form Fit

maximum 15 kg

Payload Force Fit

maximum 10 kg

EU Delivery

within 7 work days

Free shipping

for all EU orders


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