OnRobot´s new digital IO converter supports more robot brand handshakes than ever before

autor Andrej Bielik
published 01/3/20
category grippers, I/O converter,
source www.onrobot.com

With the new digital IO converter, OnRobot is leading the way for cobots to work together more seamlessly for greater output than ever before

Smarter and more versatile intelligent OnRobot grippers now empower robots to handle adaptive, higher-precision and more complex applications that in the past were challenging to automate.

Just as important, these advanced tools enable collaborative applications that allow workers and robots to operate safely side-by-side due to the user-friendly nature, intuitive programming, and safety features of collaborative robots, or cobots, outfitted with OnRobot’s end-of-arm-tooling portfolio.

Digital IO converter

Digital IO converter
Digital IO converter

To support this huge shift within the collaborative robot (cobot) market, OnRobot just Iaunched the new IO Converter to support seamless integration of its RG2, RG6, Gecko, and VG10 grippers with a wider range of cobot arms. This small converter device, it has 10 different converter packages for the following brands:

Digital I/O Converter Robot Adapter Types
Digital IO converter robot adapter types

With the Digital IO Converter these cobot arms can work with the OnRobot grippers with minimal need for programming, resulting in faster switch times between multiple tasks. All of which leads to an increase in production, because the faster cobots can get back to work, the faster they can produce.

Getting the signal right

As different cobot arms understand IO signals differently, the IO Converter is able to convert NPN to PNP signals, and vice versa. What does that mean for the robot operator? PNP sensors, sometimes known as “sourcing sensors” because they source positive power to the output, and NPN sensors, oftentimes called “sinking sensors” because they sink the ground to the output, are the technical terms for the type of transistor used to switch the output. With the IO converter, programmers don’t have to worry about the robots not understanding the signals received. Mentioned converter also includes an adapter plate for converting the UR-type A flanges mechanically to other robot flanges.

With the new Digital IO Converter, OnRobot is leading the way for cobots to work together more seamlessly for greater output than ever before – saving companies a lot of time and engineers a lot of headaches now that they don’t have to individually fit OnRobot grippers for different robot brands.


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